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orthotics for knee pain

As with patella femoral pain, illio-tibial band syndrome can be quite disabling. This sheath-type band originates in the hip area with the gluteus medius muscle. The band descends the outer leg to insert as the lateral aspect of the knee. This band is an important lateral stabilizer of the knee as the knee goes from flexion to extension. At the point of insertion at the knee, the band crosses over a bony protuberance, the lateral condyle. Problems begin over time with excessive excursion of the knee over the condyle. The band can become quite inflamed and irritated. Improve this condition with our EZ Orthotics for knee pain.


Most common is localized tenderness on the outer knee, near the bony protuberance called the lateral condyle. This bony protuberance can easily be felt by touching the knee. At 30 degrees of knee flexion, pain is maximized. Running downhill frequently exacerbates the pain.


The very same chain of events that precipitates patellar femoral pain can also precipitate this painful condition. Increased subtalar pronation at the mid-foot may again begin the chain reaction ultimately leading to internal rotation of the knee. This excessive torque translates to the illio-tibial band, resulting in inflammation since the band is repeatedly irritated as it passes over the lateral condyle.


Using an orthotic insert specifically designed to help treat knee pain can help support and improve this condition. Check out our product page to place an order.


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