Metatarsalgia Insoles: Custom Orthotics for Foot Pain

Metatarsalgia Insoles

Metatarsalgia is most noted in the forefoot or at the ball of the foot. Pain may be localized to the metatarsal heads or at the base of the toe bones whenever excessive stress is applied to the area.

Learn how our custom orthotic metatarsalgia insoles can help with this condition under the treatment section.


Patients often describe pain at the base of the forefoot as a feeling of walking with a pebble in their shoe.


Possible causes may be excessive forefoot valgus (rolling inward) or medial stresses that cause excess pressure to the metatarsal heads located on the ball of the foot.


Elevating the medial portion of the arch with an orthotic can help redistribute the excess stress and weight to the second, third, and fourth metatarsal heads. As with plantar fasciitis, the gel orthotic in our metatarsalgia insoles provides maximum stress reduction as well as mechanical correction. Icing and strengthening intrinsic muscles as well as stretching the Achilles tendon can also be helpful. The EZ Orthotics is the only orthotic on the market that provides dynamic support and cushioning while running and walking.


“I had severe Morton’s Neuroma for six months before trying EZ Orthotics. 2 doctors even recommended surgery. I was desperate. The EZ Orthotics silicon immediately cut the sharp pain within 1-2 days. Later I got a 2nd pair of Poron Laminated Orthotics to treat the dull ache in my toes. The 1st few days of break-in were difficult but the dull ache has gotten better everyday”

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