Orthotics for Shin Splints (Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis)

orthotics for shin splints

Shin splints are a very common running and walking injury. Injury is to the posterior tibial tendon that originates at the inner surface of the upper half of the tibia. This tendon attaches to the inside aspect of the ankle and foot.

Pain begins when the tendon is stretched inwardly. Eventually, with prolonged torque to the tendon, painful inflammation can result. In the more severe cases, or if the problem persists, the tendon begins to tear away from the tibia bone itself, resulting in micro-tears or even stress fractures.

Learn how our EZ Orthotics for Shin Splints can help improve this condition on our benefits page.


Sufferers commonly report pain on the inside portion of the lower leg, between the knee and ankle, frequently with the most extreme tenderness just above the ankle.


Excessive pronation inflicts extreme stress on the tendon. Training errors often contribute to the problem as well.


Rest, ice, stretching, and changing to a better-cushioned training shoe can sometimes help to alleviate symptoms. Silicone fluid orthotics minimize pronation by alleviating stress to the posterior tibial tendon. In addition, as one of the best heel-strike shock absorbers on the market, the EZ Orthotics for shin splints prevents further exacerbation of the existing inflammation.

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