Benefits of our Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts

  • The only fluid flow custom orthotic shoe inserts available.
  • Best shock absorbing orthotic on market.
  • Gel flow is much more comfortable and adaptable than traditional orthotic.
  • Due to its pumping action, the pocket in the forefoot contains extra fluid to reduce peak force at ball of foot.
  • High viscosity silicon flows to massage foot with each step.
  • Thinnest orthotic profile on market.
  • Only Orthotic to offer a full guarantee.
  • The F-Scan and 3-D illustrations show the reactive forces occurring on the foot as it hits the ground.

Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Custom Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Excessive peak pressures, which are most often are associated with injuries, are indicated by the red and orange colors. The blue and green colors show more evenly distributed pressures.

The foot on the left is without any support. The foot on the right is using our custom shoe insert product. Note how our fluid custom orthotic shoe insert distributes load, reducing foot peak pressure, while simultaneously balancing and realigning the foot. With this unique capability, our product is able to bring relief and minimize the effects of plantar fasciitis, runner’s knee, shin splints and more walking and running related injuries.

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